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Pool at Montezuma Beach Houses in Costa RIca

Welcome to Montezuma Beach Houses.

We have made every effort to make these houses as convenient and comfortable as possible. This is much more of a second home to us than a business. Our Montezuma experiences are very special and know that yours will be too.

Please send an email to snortingelk@hotmail.com, requesting the getaway house of your choice, the 3 bedroom Beach Villa, the 2 bedroom Beach House or the 2 bedroom Tree House. You will also need to request  the arrival date and the departure date, and include the number of people in your party.  I will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the property, rental rates and getting there.

Once I confirm that the house that you are requesting and the dates are available, I will send you a confirmation and deposit information.  You will also receive an informational email about the property and directions for getting there.


Once you have booked, please download the Montezuma Beach House Information Packet Here

Getting to Montezuma


Tip: Unless you are planning to travel to other destinations before or after visiting Montezuma, or plan many side trips once in Montezuma, you do not need a car. There are taxis and shuttles that are less expensive and very convenient.
But if you want a rental car:

Arrange ahead for a car with a car rental agency (see a Costa Rica
 travel book or tour agency in Montezuma). Budget rental car is a good option as they have an office in Tambor, which is only 30 minutes from Montezuma.  Make sure you have a good road map of the country before setting out. Renting a cell phone is also an option at rental car agencies.  From San Jose, drive northwest, follow the map to Puntarenas andcontinue to the tip of the peninsula, turn right and proceed 2 blocks until you see the ocean where the ferries dock.

Turn right again and watch for the lineup of cars at the ferry dock.
Remember you are looking for the car ferry to Paquera. (There is another
ferry that goes to Playa Naranjo, however, you want the ferry to Paquera.
Arrive at least one hour early in the high season to be sure that you make it
on the ferry. Check a Costa Rica guide book or Montezuma Tour Agency for currant schedules. The ferry leaves approximately every 2 hours from Puntarenas. Park your car in the ferry line and wait for a ferry employee to hand out ferry tokens. You need this token (fiche in Spanish) to buy ferry tickets at the ticket house. Double check by asking which ferry is
for Paquara.
Passengers in car must walk onto ferry.

After  your ferry arrives at the dock in Paquera (about 1 and ½ hours ferry
ride), the drive is 1 hour to Montezuma. Drive south on the Nicoya Peninsula
toward Montezuma.
Two resorts that you should pass on your way are Playa Tambor and Tengo Mar
(left hand side). When you reach Cobano, you are 8 kilometers from Montezuma.
Turn left at the intersection (you'll see a bank on your left hand side).  From Cobano to Montezuma, drive slowly and stay on your side of the road. Watch out for hair pin
curves and on-coming cars on the steep hill going down into Montezuma. At the bottom of the hill (first sign of hotels, houses etc.) take the first
left into the center of town. Take the next left (after one block) at the T and then go two short blocks before taking the first right going towards the beach and ocean. Go to end of road and park on right.
Do not drive on the beach.  See "House Instructions" for more info. on finding the house). Oldemar should be waiting for you at entrance to beach to help you with your luggage. (Be sure that you have called him the day before arrival in Montezuma)
Try to arrive in daylight on your first trip to Montezuma. Park the car in town in a lighted area. Don't leave valuables in the car!

Montezuma by Air

You can also fly Sansa, or Nature Air, commuter flights from San Jose to
Tambor. There are 3 to 4 flights daily. To buy your ticket via the internet,
go to  www.flysansa.com  or  www.natureair.com  or call a Montezuma Tour Agency.
You will need a taxi(s) to get you from the Tambor Airport to Montezuma.